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How to Download Movies Directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Instructions on how to download movies from iPod Lounge directly to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without having to use iTunes.

Step 1

Click icon to download

First you will need to download a free app names iDownload Plus
which can be found in the iTunes Store at no charge.
Once downloaded and installed it will appear like this:


Step 2

Copy the download link from the email you received from us after placing your order.
Open Video Downloader App and select the broswer tab on the bottom.
Paste your download link in the browser address bar.
See below:




Step 3

Click and HOLD the download link until the download menu appears.
Once the download menu appears click "DOWNLOAD".


Step 4

This option allows you to remane the file if you wish.
Usually you will leave file name as is and click "SAVE"



Step 5

After you click save your file will begin downloading.
Once the download is complete you will see a play button
nect to the file which will allow you to play the movie.



If you have more than one movie to download simply repeat these steps.